Real estate spectators should know that the property market in Valencia has once again become favorable after the 2008 crash, and is forecast to further improve over the next few years. In recent years Spain hasn’t always been the first choice of the people who want to make a wise investment buying foreign properties, despite the myriad of advantages that Spain offers, the poor economy and high unemployment rate put many investors off. However, the real estate market changes rapidly, and once again spectators and investors are looking to Spain and keeping their eyes on the most recent data.

The median price for a property in Valencia, Spain is 177,000 Euros. This represents an annual upward change of 4.15 percent. As such, the properties in Valencia are demonstrably increasing in value by a significant margin. It is important to consider the change over time, as well as whether or not there is any evidence that the value of a given property will increase. It is all very well and good to say that the properties in Valencia will increase in value because it is a beautiful area with fabulous weather, and a lot of people are interested in seeing what it has to offer. However, this is a trend that has statistics attached.

There have been 5,864 property transactions, representing an annual increase of 19.62 percent in 2015. This is a thriving market in which there is a great deal of buying and selling. Lots of people are trying to sell their houses now in a market that is rapidly recovering. Lots of others are buying houses while the properties are still relatively inexpensive in a market where they could drastically increase in price relatively quickly. The plethora of recent property transactions is very much a good sign for the investors and spectators that are trying to determine the value of real estate transactions in Valencia.

The total population of Valencia is 2,548,898, which represents a very slight annual decrease, but which is still a solid figure. In areas that have a very low population properties will be worth less for various reasons. They’re not going to attract as many businesses or as many wealthy buyers in the future, since there isn’t going to be a lot of work for the buyers or a lot of customers for the businesses.

Areas with high populations have a lot of people competing over space, which is going to drive up the price of any property. There is a reason why a lot of the large old houses in small towns aren’t worth a lot, while tiny apartments in cities cost a lot more, even if they aren’t located in especially good areas. Valencia’s relatively high population bodes well for the property market of Spain in general and for its own property market. Buyers can rest assured that this is going to be an area that will attract plenty of wealthy buyers and businesses in the near future.

About The Author

Born in the UK to an English mother and Spanish father, Amancay relocated to her father's home town of Alboraya in 2010. She moved to the centre of Valencia in 2012, where she works as a real estate agent selling properties to expats from the Northern European countries.