Eating out in Valencia is fun, especially if you consider the fact that you could be eating a cuisine that has been prepared by an award-winning Spanish chef. Many Valencian chefs have won accolades anyway, and so this is a reality you’ll face. But if you’re not sure of what to eat on a particular budget, this guide will steer you in the right direction. Here we go:

Menu Del Dia

It’s the favorite Spanish meal served during lunchtime. A 3 course meal will cost you anywhere between 7€-15€. ThisEating out in Valencia1 price reflects the true quality of the meal, so you won’t regret it. <br><br>But if you’re on a low-end budget and still looking to eat the Spanish way, you could look for a wholesome meal served during lunch hour when most Spaniards are having lunch. Only take note that evening meals tend to be expensive.


Choice of soup

There’s a wide selection of hot and cold soup. A good choice would be gazpacho — a type of homemade soup made of vegetables and dressed accordingly to taste yummy.


Normal salad ingredients are usually contained in Spanish salads as well. You should expect tomatoes, onions, lettuce, carrots, cold meat or tuna included in the ingredients. Salads are often served fresh, out of the garden.

Pork & Chicken

The two meats above are inexpensive and commonly found in restaurants. So you shouldn’t wreck havoc on your budget if ordering these.

A la plancha

In case you need to consume meat or fish, go for a la plancha. This is just a fancy way of saying grilled. Generally, Valencianos add more salt to this kind of grille, so opt for a no-salt choice.


When the menu mentions the word casera, know that it means homemade food. This is usually the best choice to pick if you know the ingredients. Most foods are prepared from ingredients sourced from large scale suppliers. However, it’s always best to stick to Casera if possible.

Del Dia Wine

If you choose Del Dia, prepare to gulp some wine. In relatively low-end market, restaurants typically serve cold red wine since it’s the most preferred choice for the locals. If you need white wine instead, you may just need to pay for it. So to be safe, choose food menus costing 10€ on average since these menus come with bottles of wine included in the package. Also, you should expect some bread and a bottle of water at that price.

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