The city of Valencia was founded by the Romans, and was originally called Valentia, which means valour, or strength. Valencia is the largest metropolitan region of Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. Her port is among the five busiest for container traffic in Europe, and the most frequently used of all Mediterranean ports.

In the past, the town suffered many flooding disasters, as it lies on the banks of the River Turia. In the early 50s, officials decided to divert the river to the south of the city to prevent further flooding, and the dry riverbed has been converted to a wonderful municipal park which surrounds the entire city.

With many cultural attractions and a fabulous long stretch of sandy beaches, Valencia is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Although a vibrant and modern city, Valencia still retains a flavour of the older Spain, with the town made up of many distinct “barrios”. The lifestyle is easy-going and relaxed, with outdoor café terraces being the main focus for socializing.

The Comunidad de Valencia experiences approximately 320 days of sunshine every year. This fabulous climate renders it one of the more popular European destinations for those looking to relocate from the colder northern countries such as the UK.

Properties in Valencia are very affordable, whether you’re looking to buy or rent. In Valencia, you will find a detached property with its own grounds, built to a very high standard for the same price you can expect to pay for a small apartment in Madrid or Barcelona.

Valencia is also a wonderful city to bring up a young family. There are many attractions for children, and the high-speed rail connection makes it easy to travel to other large cities in Spain for day trips, and also to visit other parts of Europe. is owned and managed by a group of expats, who located to Valencia more than a decade ago. We fell in love with the town and decided to live here, and leave the cold UK weather behind for good. We have never regretted our decision and are certain you will not either, if you are considering relocating to Valencia.

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